Cyrus Mahboubian (b. 1986, London) is a British photographer. He is known for naturalistic, evocative imagery that doesn’t rely on digital manipulation or retouching, and for his continued use of analogue film in an age of digital technology. His style can be characterised by an elegant beauty, soft focus and a timeless atmosphere.

Mahboubian’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group shows. His first solo show in the U.S. ‘Muse’ took place Sept-Oct 2014 at De Re Gallery in West Hollywood. He combines his art practice with occasional commissions and teaching, having taught workshops at venues including Tate Britain and The Photographers’ Gallery.

All photography is to some extent about stopping time and capturing certain moments. My work is often concerned with beauty – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, even though today, when contemporary art is typically very conceptual, we are made to feel like it isn’t enough. Having said that, not everything I photograph is beautiful or even interesting, but I aim to present things in an elegant and poetic way.
— cyrus mahboubian