Born 1988 in Vienna; Kathrin Hanga discovered her camera at a young age as a viable and direct means to personally transcribe the eternity or continuity she found within the everyday of her immediate surroundings. The Austrian photographer, whose photographs are a dreamlike subtle re-interpretation of reality, has initiated her practice in the moving image with a first degree in film and theatre. Inspired by early 20th century surrealist photography like Germaine Krull, Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld, Kathrin's photographs convey a timeless imagery in which it becomes impossible to place the subjects into a specific location. Since 2013 Hanga is part of VALISE, a collaborative project to find continuity within particular spaces. Together with artist Gabrielle MEYEROWITZ they engaged into further understanding the development of movement and human relationship within changing spaces.

In August 2015, Hanga created a ‘portable darkroom’ (kept in a suitcase & inspired by Projet VALISE ) through an artist residency in Morocco. She is now able to create & produce work from start to finish on-site. Hanga is currently based in Vienna and working with her portable darkroom in different places around the world.

It is through experiential investigation that one moves toward understanding. With this in mind, we continually seek out intimate corners of spaces that may initially appear foreign. By isolating the various fragments found in foreign spaces through 5 different mediums such as: painting, photographs, writing, sound & found-objects, we arrive at a collective and linear story.