Nicole Coson is a Filipino artist currently living and working in London, where she graduated from Central Saint Martins with a first degree honours in fine art. Coson works in a variety of mediums, but with a primary focus on analogue printmaking methods and techniques. Her work has been widely published and recent exhibitions include, ‘Untitled’ (solo exhibition) at Finale Art File, Philippines, ‘Spirit Captures’ (solo exhibition) at West Gallery, Philippines, and ‘How to Appear without a Trace’ at Display Gallery.

Coson’s work revolves around the analogy of the ghost, an enigma, or a loose and ever changing form that cannot be grasped yet it invades our tactile and physical world. The suggestion of movement is integral to her work, with a constant shifting of familiar signals resulting in a refracted version of something recognisable; the viewer is asked to read, but cannot.

Her work attempts to put viewer face to face with something alien, but to lead them to draw no conclusions, resulting in a feeling similar to the unsettled nervousness of Freud’s Uncanny. In her work, she seeks the contemplation of something caught mid-flight, to be pondered like unexplained natural formations, animals in the clouds, Chinese scholar’s rocks or an arrangement of an ancient Japanese rock garden, captured for a brief moment in time when these forms become strangely perceptible.

My practice revolves around natural or organic forms and our relationship with these objects and images historically. What immediately comes to mind when we see cloud or rock formations? What stories are we able to extract?

Whilst none of my work is actually reproducible, I would describe my work as print based. Monotype printmaking has constantly opened more and more doors for me in terms of new ideas and outcomes. I see it is a way of capturing a moment never to be repeated again; the image made becomes the residue of an event.